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Not All Tune-Ups Are the Same!

Not all bike shops provide the same service.
The word TUNE-UP is used to describe a variety of bicycle repair services.
Know what your paying for.
We offer three value based tune-up options. All our service work can be requested ala cart.

121 S. State St. Appleton, WI 54911

Basic Package:

Single Speed *$40

Multi Speed*IBD $50

Multi Speed Dept. Store $60

Disc Brakes: Additional $10

Wheel Straighting

Front & Rear Brake Adjustment

Front & Rear Shifting Adjustment

Headset & Bottom Bracket Adjustment

Wheel Hub check

Tire inflation & basic lubrication

Free Accessory Installation

Disc Brake adjustment is an additional charge.


*IBD*are independent bicycle dealer brands

We always provide free repair estimates.

Deluxe Package: *IBD $80


with the Basic Tune-Up


Chain Removal & Cleaning

Crank Removal & Cleaning

Gear Cluster Removal & Cleaning

Disc Brake Bleeding additional charge.


*Parts* Not included!

We service all makes and models. 

920-733-2595 email:

Complete O'Haul Tune-Up Package: *IBD $150


with the Deluxe Tune-Up


Front Hub overhaul 

Rear Hub overhaul

Headset overhaul

Bottom Bracket overhaul

New Cables

New Cable Housing

Disc Bleeding is an additonal charge.


The Variety of Repair Services we offer.

Repair Trikes & WheelchairsWe service 3 wheel adult trikes!   Tune-up PackagesWe provide service with a smile! Pick-up and Delivery is AvailableWe pride ourselves on our 24-Hour Repair Turn Around

Shifting AdjustmentProper adjustment will improve your ride and prolong the life of your drivetrain.

Wheel Truing(Straighting)If it can't be trued we will let you know at no charge! Brake AdjustmentEven braking provides increased control and stability.
Merit Badge & Bike RodeosSchool Bike Safety Events and Merit Badge options available. Flat Repair & Tire InstallationProper inflation and regular tire checks can minimize the wear on a tire. Safety Checks & LubricationSqueaking and creaking is for Haunted houses not your bike.



Bicycle Boxing & Building

We will box your bicycle for shipping. 

Cost: $30
We will build your bicycle. 

Cost: IBD $75 Dept. Store $100
Bicycles equiped with disc brakes add $10.


What does it take to get out in front? Appleton Bicycle's BG FIT can help make you faster and stronger. How do you separate from the pack? Do you want the tools to pull you into the lead? During or after a ride do you have pain?

Before you start your training. Consider your bike fit.

Having a bike sized to you is not the same as fitting a bike to you.

Many of us have bought suits or dresses.

Some of those articles of clothing were the right size.

For the best fit those dresses or suits need to be tailored to you.

This is much like a bike fit. When you buy a bike, you typically will get sized to a bike. 

This is a starting point.  

Many of us have never ventured beyond this point. Many cycling related injuries or discomfort could be addressed by BG FIT. 

For those riders that want a better fit between themselves and their bicycle, the bike must be fit to their physical attributes.

Click Here to Set-up a BG FIT


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